Eschbach Renovations L.L.C., is a custom tile installation
company serving Central Virginia.


Eschbach Renovations L.L.C., is a custom tile installation
company serving Central Virginia. We will work with you
from the design phase until your project is complete.
Whether it’s a small kitchen backsplash or several
thousand square feet we will accommodate your needs.
Eschbach Renovations L.L.C. specializes in building
waterproof and mold free showers using proven methods
and quality materials. We combine new industry
innovations with time tested techniques to offer you the
best solutions for your tiling needs.
When you hire Eschbach Renovations L.L.C. you can
trust in the integrity of a company that cares more
about quality than quantity. Each of our customers is
important to us and we look forward to building a lasting



Eschbach Renovations L.L.C., works directly with you and all work is done by the owner in a professional manner.


Protection for your home- Each project begins with floor and stair protection. We use drop cloths and temporary hard board to cover surfaces affected by your renovation. Door coverings are also used to contain dust in the project area.

Removal of old materials- Removal of old ceramic tile and vinyl floors, subfloors, hardwood floors and carpet, bathtub and shower surrounds and mud bed floors and walls are included in every installation.

Framing- We reinforce the base floors, frame benches, niches and if necessary replace studs in the wall. We also add wood blocking for frameless glass shower doors and handicap grab bars. 

Waterproofing- We specialize  in completely waterproof and mold free showers. We guarantee this by the use of Schluter Kerdi waterproof membrane and Schluter Kerdi drain. The use of this system ensures a truly waterproof enclosure in tile showers. Using the Schluter shower system we can waterproof walls, niches, benches and the shower pan to effectively manage water and vapor.

Uncoupling- Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane is used on all of our tiled floors. It is used on interior and exterior floors to serve as an uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane and a vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the floor covering.

Tile setting- We install all types of tile and natural stone on the interior and exterior of your home. All tile is set using manufacture guidelines with the highest quality thin sets. We use Tile Council of North America's guidelines to properly install all sizes and shapes of tiles.

Grouting- Only the finest grouts are used on our tile installations. We use excellent grouts like Tec Powergrout or Custom Fusion Pro. These grouts are highly stain resistant an provide superb color consistency. These premium grouts do not have to be sealed therefore they require no maintenance.